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Bouncy Inflatable Rentals from Bounce House Rentals Detroit

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Bouncy inflatable rentals provide a different and fun way for kids to jump, play, and roll, and hangout at your outdoor event. Ready to hear squeals of laughter and see huge, smiling faces? Try one of our bounce house rentals, inflatable castle rentals, or bouncy house rentals. .

What are inflatables?

Kids enjoying bouncy castle rental
Kids jumping in bouncy castle rental

Inflatables is a broad term that describes air-blown structures typically used for birthday parties and picnics. Remember in gym class when you would laugh and have a blast with your friends on the trampoline? Now imagine that trampoline was a giant inflatable castle that you could literally bounce off the walls of!  Inflatables are often known as moonwalks, bouncy houses, bounce houses, bouncy castles, and jumpers, and are inflated using a blower.

How do I secure my bouncy house inflatable rental?

Kids enjoying bouncy house rental

Give us a call at 313-777-8402, and an event specialist will talk you through your options. Or, if you prefer, you can complete the short form to the right, and we’ll get back with you shortly. Our bouncy inflatable rentals are rented by the hour, but in some cases, you might be able to rent by the day. Talk to you soon!



By the way, did you know we also offer trackless train rentals and table rentals? Call us to find out more! 313-777-8402


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